The Fool


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The Fool, also known as the Seeker is the very first card in the traditional tarot deck. The fool is the beginning, the first step on the path to awareness, enlightenment.
It is a yearning deep within you to break old ties, old patterns and ways of thinking and being.
A sense of fearlessness, even though all those around you are stunned, even upset at your new state of being. They question you and may try to stop you from your quest. But it has started, you are now unstoppable, and you feel nothing but pure joy and a deep knowing that you are doing the right thing.
So step out with a spring in your step, you don’t look too far ahead, because the future has no meaning for you now, and the past is gone you feel only a deep connection with this moment, and the energy that bubbles up within you and fills you with a sense of YES!
The Fool is certainly the ego dying in this moment and only a pure connection with your higher self and the universe.
This moment is only a moment in time of course, but it gives you the strength and the energy to make deep long lasting change in your life.
You are dearly loved

The Tarot Cards


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I will be blogging my way through all of the Tarot Cards and what each card means to me.

These cards have become my very closest friends over the last 20 or so years that I have been reading them.

I will upload a pic with each card from the very first deck I ever used..which is still my most favorite and most loved.

I have recently trimmed this deck, it was getting so old and worn around the edges and the trimming has really improved them 100%

They are the Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin & John Matthews.

I have never really resonated with the Rider Waite Smith deck, so don’t even own one.

I hope you enjoy this series

Blessed Be

3/4 Moon Contemplations


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3/4 Moon 23rd Sept to 1st Oct

I decided to have a bash doing a collective contemplation reading using my enchanted lenormand.20160923_075337 Very new to this system

Over the next 7 days friendships and our connections with other people are the main focus.
Friendship and loyalties come easy and bring light into our dark spaces, but there is a tendency to isolate ourselves, so remember to get out there, and connect in your community.
We tend to get bogged down in confusion and uncertainty, this clouds our sense of abundance and good fortune, and our energy is eroded because of this.
The glass is half full, love and appreciate the small joys with gratitude, this helps keep you on track!

Blessed Be

The Inner-Child


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Our child-hood.
Such a powerful time in our lives.
I think we so often are re-living the tapes from our child-hood everday without even realising it.

I decided to do a video on my thoughts surrounding this subject, and remind us all that we can rewite our stories!!!

Watch my thoughts here

What do you think?
Do you still allow the experiences from child-hood to define you now in adulthood?



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I am really enjoying the Self-Love September that Kelly-Ann Maddox is doing this month.

Self-Love..what a journey, right!?!
In a world where Self-Love has not been evident in the past, I really do feel we are making progress on this path albeit very slowly.

I decided to add a second video over at my youtube channel to celebrate and honour Self-Love September

You can watch it here

And what are some of the things you have found that work best on your self-loving journey to wholeness?



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I’ve been reading tarot for over 20 years.
I was called to it, I did a spiritual growth and inner awareness year long course. My teacher told me I was clairvoyant, so BAM my hubby (now ex hubby) purchased my first deck.

The Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews.

Still to this day my fav deck, and I still have the silk scarf my hubby bought me for them.

I poured over that deck for hours every night after my two children were snuggled up in their beds sleeping.

Those cards sang to me, they reminded me of how I felt when I was just a young girl pouring over my little lady bird fairytale books.

The cards contain that same magic, they have the ability to sweep me up on a magic carpet and transport me into other worlds, where I meet mystical creatures, wonderful guides, beautiful animals, and they are all my extended family, I dialogue with them even when I’m not using my cards.

I now own 11 tarot decks and 12 oracle decks. And there are still many many more decks I would love to add to my collection.

My fav decks would have to be The Arthurian Tarot of course, because I love Avalon, Arthur, Merlin and the magic of that story.

The Vision Quest Tarot, because I feel the power and the energy of the Native Americans resonate within me.

Ceccoli Tarot, because it is so whimsical, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and my inner child LOVES this deck.

Silver Witchcraft Tarot, because I love the connection to the Sabbats in the minor arcana . And the artwork is stunning

I have just ordered the Tarot of the Vampyres, I saw so may awesome reviews on YouTube raving about the book that comes with the Deck Phantasmagoria


What are your most favorite decks and why?