New Moon 19th February 2015


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New Moon today (Photo & Poem to follow this evening)

The energy is fresh, inspiring and energized are you feeling it?
Take some time today to connect with your deepest joy, what brings you a sense of excitement and aliveness? Move towards that now!
As you engage in this energy it spurs you on and nourishes you in very healing ways and you will feel your creative energies growing. Its like a quickening
This New Moon connects you to your Sacral Chakra, your creative center, your sexual center. The colour is orange and it is located about two inches below your navel. It is the foundation of your emotional body, a wonderful time to dance, laugh and connect with good friends.
What is calling to be birthed from within you?
Listen to your emotions, allow the freedom of creative expression to have some sacred space to breathe

Have an ORANGE day!


Full Moon February 4th 2015


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Full Moon today~~
Become mindful today of your inner union..your masculine and your feminine energy. Are they in balance? Is there harmony?
Do you allow them both a voice?
Your feminine energy is infused with wisdom, intuition and magic…your masculine energy is infused with courage, action and anchored understanding.
But they both must have space to be..and be heard, otherwise the balance within you becomes lost and you tend to be filled with amazing magic and ideas, but are frozen and unable to move forward to action any of them.
Listen to your feminine intuition..and action your hearts yearnings with the courage of the masculine energy.
I always like to think of these two forces as Guinivere and King Arthur, she is heard and honoured by her King, he doesn’t ride off on a tangent without first listening to his Queen…and likewise Queen Guinivere isn’t shut in her room not willing to share her deepest heart felt feelings to her King, they are in balance, in harmony with each other.
This full moon is about union
Meditate with your King and Queen this evening.
Don’t forget to put your crystals out tonight, charge those beauties up heart emoticon
And a photo and poem to follow later for the Full Moon/New Moon Photo/Poem challenge




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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Free Association.”

Home: Sacred Space, filled with loving safety, shared with loving soul mate and furry pals, peace and serenity

Soil: Wild, howling lone wolf, bones, digging for treasures, my anchor

Rain: Cleansing, soul soothing gentle summer rains cooling the earth beneath my feet


Enough is Enough


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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

Ohhhh I was soooo close to throwing in the towel last year.
Nothing was working, we were wanting to do an extension on our house, but it cost way too much for what we were wanting.
Our work space is our home space we work from home in our Accounting Business, so our office had taken over our entire living room, and our tiny spare bedroom had become our living space, pretty cramped with me, my partner, our two dogs and 2 cats!
A miracle occurred thankfully, and an amazing opportunity came up for us to sell our home and purchase another property with no realestate fees involved (BIG SAVING)
It was meant to be…but Ohhh Lordy it was on again off again, and 4 months down the track I was about to pull my hair out with the stress. I’m a Taurus and being anchored is SUPER important to me.

JUST when I let it all go and cried every tear my body could produce, the sale went through!

And here we are


Moral of the story…release the stress..but hold your dreams

New Moon 21st January 2015


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First of all, my most humble apologies for being so late with this New Moon Reading.
But here it is, better late than never

New Moon Energy ~ Pay attention to the little things..move in closer see the details..sometimes we can get swept away by the bigger picture and we cannot see important details that may be missed, slow down, breathe deep, everything will be ok, but don’t be tempted to rush through projects.
It is important to take a pause from time to time to make sure things feel in alignment


The new moon is pulsing
with possibilities
I see colours
I see glass
I feel magical energy
I feel the earth beneath my feet
I breathe easy
I understand that alignment
is within me
and birthing new visions
to match the fresh newness of this moon
is etched deep in my soul



Once Upon a Time…


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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”

About 5 hours ago, my knight and I saddled up (in our new truck) and went for a Sunday drive.
Our truck has a nav system, we haven’t had one of these before so its a real novelty. Our nav is a she, she has a distinctly english voice and we have christened her Emma. Emma gave us wonderful directions to Kurow, which is about an hour inland from our home. On our arrival we felt adventurous and decided to head to Waimate.
We were propelled back in time at our visit to the Waimate Museum which is in the historic court house
Upon entering we were greeted by this beautiful maori wahine statue
A beautiful museum, one I highly recommend visiting if you ever happen to be in the South Island of New Zealand.
We also visited Victoria Gardens..more Waimate charm and magic..even with its own wallabies, and a peacock..bees beautiful Golden elms and flowers.
And we drove home and I created a delicious vege omelette for dinner with home made chips, and we will live happily ever after.


I DO love Sundays!


The Birthing


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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

She came in the front door, she looked painfully uncomfortable, the only thing to do was just give her space and allow nature to do its thing.
I lit some candles and put on some peaceful calming music (This was more for me than for her) I also had a glass of rescue remedy, I was so nervous, I was catapulted back in time to my own birthing experiences.

Suddenly she jumped up onto my partners chest, he was snoozing on the couch, she loved John so much and it was made more clear at this moment, I could see her body tighten and spasm with contractions. Oh wow this is it!
She stayed on John’s lap for about 10 minutes then she gingerly made her way under the coffee table where I had prepared a cosy nest for her and she seemed to approve as she chose this spot to birth her kittens.
She had 6 delightful bundles of snuggly furry exquisiteness.
I sighed a deep contented sigh, and all was right in the world


Fireside Chat with my Great Grandmother



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”

I would choose to have a fireside chat with my Great-Grandmother (Brigit) whom I have never met.

All I know about her is that she was born in England with Irish parents (I think)
She had a hard life, came from a very poor working class background. Her husband was physically abusive to her on countless ocassions, I have heard stories from my Mother who was told stories from her mother of the suffering she received at the hands of her husband.

I have been told I am most like my Great Grandmother to look at, I do wish I had more photos of her, but sadly I only have this one.



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