First Quarter


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First Quarter Collective Reading
Time to make a commitment.
But be mindful of not painting yourself into a corner, make sure you are able to create space within the commitment, otherwise you’ll feel trapped in a maze with no way out, sounds like a contradiction I know, but nothing wrong with commitment and boundaries in the same sentence, it’s key to keeping your energy flowing.
And rest is also key at this time, otherwise you’ll become stressed and frantic, and wont be able to see your commitment through to completion.
Balance my pretties, its all about balance, be focused, set your eyes on the goal, but put the boundaries in place and don’t OVER- commit!
Blessed Be


The Alchemist


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The true essence of Alchemy is to understand the relationship that all things have with each other, which is to have true wisdom.-Benjamin Bagenski

I have always seen myself as an alchemist.

People have always said that I make them instantly feel at ease and safe around me, they feel driven to share the contents of their heart, and I listen with gentleness and acceptance and give them encouragement on their journey, and reassure them that all of life has a beauty and an unseen purpose of which we are a part, and of which we can become more active participants in the unfolding of the magic, and to know that we even create the magic.

Our history is what we marinate in. I think most people are detached from this truth, but it really is truth, and what we marinate in becomes who we are. Our history is what creates the energy in our body, so I have the ability to gently shine a light lovingly on what peoples histories are and how it consistently shows up in their lives.

They are often stunned with how quickly they see and feel the truth of what I say, and that is when the alchemical process truly begins.

It is such an honor to witness that spark of understanding.

I am grateful to be gifted with the skills of an alchemist, I have been an alchemist for many lifetimes, and I love it.

Welcome to August


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A look ahead at the theme for this month.

I love drawing a couple of cards for focus each month. Its a great touchstone, a gentle reminder of how to remain focused and balanced when life can get chaotic.

I hope you have a wonderful month, and please, let me know how you are getting on.

Welcome to August Video

Holding Sacred Space

You know the best thing you can do for a friend or loved one when they are going through rough times is simply hold sacred space for them and love them and tell them you love them, and be a witness to their experience without trying to fix them, or make their pain about you being inadequate as a friend.
To have someone to sit with me whilst I feel and express all of my feelings, without them trying to solve my problems is such a gift, such a treasure. Because feelings are not a problem they are transient things, but when left unexpressed can create problems.
Someone holding sacred space for me allows me to stay present with the experience of the feelings, and this is the gift. It means I don’t have to worry about their feelings of looking after or fixing me, because no one can fix me, only I can fix me, but having someone love me while I feel all my feels is the healing glue that can create magical integrations within me.
And for the friends and loved ones I have had in my life that hold sacred space for me, I Love you, and I am very grateful!



Third Quarter Reading


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This time is about mystery that is still yet to unfold. Things are hidden from view, feelings are swirling but not making sense just yet, on the edge there is ancient wisdom and old memories trying to burst through into waking consciousness. Meditation is best at this time, do not push forward with any major decisions just yet, give it a few more days to become clear, it will. Trust

We are moving into balance, remember that there is no right or wrong. When we see things as right or wrong it brings the energy of condemnation. But this is a deeper opportunity for transformation. Look to nature you will see no condemning, only transformation from one form to another.
A tree will lose its leaves in the Autumn, and becomes bare and naked, we can feel sad at the changing of the leaves, at the changing of the Seasons. But each season is vital, each season is valid, no season is wrong, no season is right.
There is always transforming from one state of being to another, this is the essence of life.
So when something or someone you love has reached the end of a cycle, know that rebirth will come, either in this realm, or the next, but it surely comes as surely as the Sun rises every morning.

So now is a time to give thanks for all of the cycles that have come to an end. There is a thinness to the veil at this time, so finding a balance between the seen and the unseen is good. Open the door to your heart to explore the depths of what you already know and don’t know.
We can move, even when we don’t move.

Blessed Be

First Quarter Moon Phase 12/07/2016


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First Quarter Moon Phase

A wonderful opportunity to tune in and see how you are doing as we approach this first quarter.
Just take a deep breath and feel in your body where you maybe hanging on to stress, remember that stress blocks your divine energy, so breathe in deep and as you release the breath visualize the stress moving out of your body like whisps of smoke.
Comfort is only a breath away.
Know that the intentions, commitments and goals you set on the New Moon are still achievable, but achievement comes more easily when we are calm, balanced and loving.
So now is the time to be gentle and loving. Harsh disciplinary action will only freeze you deeper into stress. Chill out today, be loving, have a quiet cuppa tea, a relaxing hot bath, self-love is the order of the day.
Take quiet time today to look at these lists you made on the New Moon.
Do you need to make some changes? (You can you know) Did you perhaps take on too many projects with your high enthusiasm at the beginning of this cycle?
Re-organize your priorities, and know this is not a failure, its all simply just a matter of timing. Some things on the list may have changed. Remember synchronicity guides the way to the highest energy right now.
Trust the process.
Work with whats working, and know that what isn’t working simply needs more time to incubate and grow, and trying to force growth just doesn’t work and creates more stress.
So work with whats working, and let go of whats not working..its time will come..but not now!

Blessed Be!

Fossil Finds


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Went to a gemstone and crystal show today, and scored these yummy pieces of petrified wood, I LOVE petrified wood, it’s beautiful to work with, very supportive and nurturing, helping you to connect deeper with you own internal wisdom, very grounding, in fact petrified wood always hits me in the heart like pounamu.
Then a most gorgeous labradorite wand, YAY!



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