Yes the word we all dread to hear and be associated with, either within ourselves or our loved ones.

So many many times I hear people with cancer and those close to them speaking of a battle, a fight that must be fought in order to win and be cured.

I always speak about love, and loving cancer into a melted state of non existance.
Because it is my opinion that cancer is not something that suddenly appears in our body like some evil entity, I believe it is where we most need to love ourselves, our thoughts, our patterns, our core beliefs that keep us stuck, oppressed, it is the deeper energetic patterns that we live with on a daily basis that can be destructive and create dis-ease within us.
So of course I see fighting cancer as a crazy is like fighting the deeper darker aspects of your unknown self and hoping they’ll just fuck right off!
Instead look at it as an dig deep into the hidden aspects of your soul..the places where you grieve silently, where you feel unheard, where you scream and contain all your frustrations, all your judgements, all of the things you were never given the space or permission to own within you.
You are sacred, sacred through and through, cancer…in fact any dis-ease is in my opinion a call to bring yourself more fully into the light and love yourself so completely, so beautifully, that no dis-ease can live, it melts into your being in a loving melting blanket of deeper self knowing!

Inner Wild

We talk so much about nurturing our inner child.

Its time to start getting down and dirty with your inner wild!
That raw powerful part of you that is so deeply rooted to the earth that you can feel your belly like a heart beat in the mud and leaves of the forest floor.
The inner deep that communes with the ancestors, that speaks in the old language
Nature speaks the very same language that’s why you feel so connected and at peace there.
There are times in my life when I get so busy being human, that I ache and crave for a return to my wild, thankfully it is easy to connect, lie on the earth and breathe deep and slow…and there she is


Full Moon (BLUE)

Blue Full Moon~

A sense of unity and connection has been reached.
A coming together of collective energies, a coming together to share and embrace all that we are and are becoming.
A sense of achievement and approval from all quarters.
A small window of opportunity to catch your breath before you race forward again..although this time with a new energy, more anchored, more sure than you were before, perhaps even slower and steadier.
A feeling of sinking further into yourself with a deeper understanding and respect for who you are…you truly get a sense of who you are, and you are pleasantly surprised how much you like yourself

Blessed Full Moon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


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Here we are..the Full Moon..and a Lunar Eclipse, exciting energy.
As always I did a collective energy shuffle…and out flew the Three of Chalices.
This energy is all about family gathering and celebration..and its Easter so indeed a family time.
There are new opportunities ready to be birthed now, get playful, get creative, get those manifestation juices flowing.
Your path is about to be lit up, you may feel you have been walking blindfolded the last few weeks, and in some ways this is true, all that you were has dropped away and a rebirth is now imminent.
Healing and resolution has taken place deep within you, and you can move with purpose.
Ask yourself what is now coming together?
The next few days will feel like a jigsaw puzzle coming together to form a picture you can finally see, feel, and understand.
Key Words: Conjunction, Celebration
Blessed Be


Super New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse followed by the Equinox..what a kick of energy.


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I’m sure many of you are feeling it, I have shuffled the cards, and pulled The World.
What a perfect card for such an amazing time
This New Moon is all about reaching a completion, I’m feeling a collective completion taking place,its as though we have all reached a place together and there is great spiritual celebration in this. We have gone through trials by fire, and have survived, and we have thrived even..against all odds we have thrived!
Well done us
The Universe is dancing in delight at our accomplishments.
We can now run with true purpose, true effortlessness into the heart of our desire.
You may not be feeling this excitement, you may be feeling exhausted, lost and confused, please know this is all part of the energy, even if you are feeling the depressed energy..just hold a small sliver of light, of hope, and know that this too shall pass!
Spend some quiet time with yourself over the next 24 hours and ask yourself the honest questions.
What do you need that you are not moving towards?
And what do you no longer need but are still clinging to?
Let Go and move into joy

Super Moon 6th March 2015


, , , apologies I have been away at a Wedding:-)

Full Moon Reading 6th March 2015
Six of Wands
That Super Full Moon energy is still with us and here’s what it says!
Think about what has been achieved or what has been realized. Some things you have had percolating have finally come to fruition, but its only just the beginning..don’t stop now
Hopes and dreams you have had encourage your soul ever onwards
This full moon is all about triumph and success, good news and self-empowerment..give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for a job well done.
Don’t let fear of success block your forward momentum, stand in the limelight and be proud of what you have achieved!~
Blessed Be


New Moon 19th February 2015


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New Moon today (Photo & Poem to follow this evening)

The energy is fresh, inspiring and energized are you feeling it?
Take some time today to connect with your deepest joy, what brings you a sense of excitement and aliveness? Move towards that now!
As you engage in this energy it spurs you on and nourishes you in very healing ways and you will feel your creative energies growing. Its like a quickening
This New Moon connects you to your Sacral Chakra, your creative center, your sexual center. The colour is orange and it is located about two inches below your navel. It is the foundation of your emotional body, a wonderful time to dance, laugh and connect with good friends.
What is calling to be birthed from within you?
Listen to your emotions, allow the freedom of creative expression to have some sacred space to breathe

Have an ORANGE day!



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