Into the Labyrinth


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And so I decided to dive in and shuffle up one of my new decks and get to the heart of this deck purchase overwhelm feeling and crack it open and see what I find.

I chose the Shadowscapes, and one of the 3 card spreads from the book.

  • Card one: The situation
  • Card two: The problem
  • Card three: The solution


The Eight of wands speaks about the beginning of a long journey towards a goal, and that a great undertaking is at hand, and it speeds toward reward with hope and momentum..

And the myriad of seeds blown into the wind like the wishes we made as a child.

And yes it feels as though the seeds I sent out are all now coming back to me in the form of a stack of magic delicious decks (including this one).

The Ace of Wands speaks about the possibility of creativity, excitement, adventure; a challenge to step forward with courage and confidence. Inspiration blooms from the illumination that this card brings. Fires that are lit can be unpredictable and difficult to control. Seize this wild opportunity, and glory in the blaze. And yes this has definitely been the problem, an excess of inspiration and illumination!!! So trying to manage this energy left me feeling numb.

The Fool of course speaks of new beginnings, starting at the beginning of the labyrinth again, ready to walk a new journey, a deeper journey. She stands on the edge of a very sheer precipice, with only the ribbons and the doves bearing her up if she chooses to leap. I definitely choose to leap!!

And I find it so interesting that these cards remind me of the journey I began into tarot..which began 22 years ago this February. 22 years!!! I thought oh my 22 years, 22 cards in the Major Arcana, how beautifully synchronistic is that.

And so I decided to draw three more cards..this time from The Wild Unknown asking the questions.

  • Card two: Who I was 22 years ago
  • Card two: Who am I now
  • Card three: Who will I become 22 years from now


How beautiful, as I looked at these sets of cards. The Mother of Pentacles, yes indeed I was a new mother 22 years ago, I had two beautiful children at that stage, and my third little pixie joined us 2 years later. I struggled with motherhood, and I desperately clung to the Tarot and studying it voraciously as often as time allowed, because it was my saviour, my safe place to fall.

The Ten of pentacles is all about fulfillment and abundance, and that is very true for where I am currently. I am happily remarried to the most wonderful man on earth, my children are all grown and living independent beautiful lives of their own, and I am free to delve into and explore the Tarot on a whole new level.

And 22 years from now, I will be 69, the Hierophant is me come full circle journeyed into cronedom with wisdom and living my soul purpose, bringing through the sacred ancestral energy and wisdom that flows in my veins. I love this card the Hierophant is my birth card in Tarot.

So as you can see, the tarot is a magical tool for transformation, it has the ability to shine light into aspects we don’t have clarity on and bring it into the light so we can move forward with confidence and joy.

If you want to watch a video walk through of these readings you can visit here

*heads off to shuffle the cards*


Tarot purchase overwhelm!



I have been reading Tarot for over 20 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how these images and symbols on card can trigger such incredibly healing moments of clarity, they stir up memories, the images are like a scent of a beautiful essential oil you smelled years ago in your Grandmas bedroom tucked in her hanky box, or like the melody of a haunting song that reaches in to tug at your heart strings. These cards are that powerful.

Over the 20 years I’ve been reading, I have bought the occasional deck to add to my very humble little collection, but 2016 was the year I went nuts! I started to watch the odd You Tube clip here and there where you have the luxury of watching people do amazing walk through of decks I was keen on, but not willing to commit to because images of the cards were scarce (or so I thought)

So 2016 I purchased 15 new tarot decks, now most of these trickled in through the year and didn’t cause a problem, (problem I hear you say) yes a problem. Because having each deck come in I was able to spend some quiet time with each deck and use it for a short while before the next deck showed up.

But November started getting stressful, as first the Green Witch tarot and Dreams of Gaia and Hidden Realms all arrived on the same day. Holy Smoke where to start with all this deliciousness? I held the Tarot of the Hidden Realm in my hands and was transported to another place, and to be honest I don’t think I have returned yet, because November was a bit foggy, and I hadn’t even played with Dreams of Gaia or the Green Witch Tarot.

Take a deep breath…here we go again first two weeks of December my mailman whistles by my gate and tucks a magical little package into my mailbox, The Wild Wood Tarot, Legacy of the Divine Tarot, at this point I feel like I need a stiff drink, I gaze through each deck (drunk on the smell and colour of fresh cards, and realise a drink is completely unnecessary.)

So no chance to really sit with these decks intimately and get to know one another, because yes..there he was again, my mailman, this time with THE BIG GUNS!!!

Mary El Tarot, Shadowscapes Tarot, and The Wild Unknown Tarot. At this point I broke out in hives and cried like a baby, tarot deck overwhelm is fucking real my lovelies!!!

Installment to follow of  how I managed to proceed into this magic abyss, and stay breathing



Spiritual Warrior


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I felt him with me this morning, my spirit guide, my ancestral father who loves me and holds me so close always and forever, and he gently reminds me to stay connected. Still the mind from its chaos go to center, to stillness where you can feel only the beauty of all that is.

Even whilst among the chaos you can do this, he reminds me.

The chaos is the pathway in.

Bless this chaotic mind and allow it to carve a space, the path to your heart and stillness.

Do not rush this process, savor it, like the sacred treasure it is! It is like a gift being unwrapped, each unfolding of paper taking you deeper into feeling and further from the mind, be present with this unfolding.

Blessings, he said, blessings