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Today’s word prompt underground

In order to find your hidden treasure you must dig underground, dig up the bones of your ancestors, dig up the pain, dig up the forgotten memories, the laughter, the joy, the sadness, the truth.

Dig it up and rebuild a new story that helps to redefine who you are with nothing left hidden, but all exposed to the light, and look, really look at who you are now, and honour the wisdom of the spiritual ancestors that can now begin to breathe in you again.



Weekly Reading for Contemplation 17-23 Oct


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Welcome to this weeks tarot reading for contemplation using The Ancient Egyptian Tarot by Clive Barrett.

Queen of Swords, and Four of Swords. Swords the mind, the mind is a tool but don’t become a slave to it it is a hard taskmaster and will send you on a merry dance creating all kinds of disturbing stories.
Ask the questions assume nothing. Rest and sink into the truth of your story beyond that which the mind creates.

The Sword Queen is highly perceptive, she can help to resolve disagreements, but at times she can also get a little stuck in the head, so balance is the key here. Otherwise we run the risk of running off and creating dramatic stories from the contents in our mind.

The Four of Swords indicates a rest, a respite, a truce even. If there are conflicts this week, just take a step back, don’t let the mind create excessive dramas when there may not be any. Ask questions, that way assumptions can get put to bed, and clarity can return from cloudville!

I have done a short video clip on this weeks reading you can watch here.

Have a Blessed week my lovelies and let me know how you get on.


Tarot Info


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So here is what I’ve decided to do just so I have a handle on a schedule, I want these video readings to be meaningful, used as journal prompts for you all, a focus, an anchor, a topic that gets you thinking about issues in a new healing kind of way. I am hoping that you will use these readings as perhaps a journal prompt to get you to start becoming more self aware. Think of it as a free online spiritual study group, but one that you are entirely accountable for, or not, its all about personal choice. And of course hit me up via email, if you feel you would like to discuss your findings more privately, and need some support or insight.
1st of each month: one oracle card that will be the contemplative theme for the entire month.
2x Tarot cards every Monday to assist with the energy of the week.
( I will do this weeks tarot cards shortly)
And I just want to take this time to say thank you for participating and watching, it is my intention to send you all much love and guidance. And I appreciate you being here.


Full Moon card for Contemplation


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Shuffled and drew The Emperor, he is sometimes known as the Father figure, and I thought hmm that’s interesting, a good card to get in and explore the relationship that we had with our father.

I didn’t really have one as he left when I was four, but the leaving left wounds, the abandonment has shaped me.

You can listen to more thoughts on this card here

Blessed Full Moon my Lovelies


Daily Draw 15-10-2016


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The Hanged Man speaks of today being about sacrifice, and surrendering your energy to others which can make you feel restrained, patience is needed today.

The Seven of Scepters is feeling the restraint and is coming in with a defensive energy, you really feel like you want to focus on your own creative fiery forces today, but the hanged man is pulling you away from your freedom towards other external responsibilities which is causing friction.

Relax, take a breath, by the end of the day you can come back to yourself and spend some quiet time attending to your own internal sacred fires.20161015_080004

The Cats Paw


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So I saw this reading over at pinterest and have had it saved for awhile. I have a huge amount of different tarot spreads saved over there for every occasion. Check out The Cats Paw Here

But over the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling pretty tired and not quite as bubbly as usual. There have been some personal issues I’ve been addressing, but wanted to go a bit deeper and delve into some healing about it, so using the Native Spirit oracle cards by Denise Linn I dove into the abyss.

And here is what I found.

  1. What am I holding onto? Prayer Feather:Love is flowing to me and through me. No matter what an individual is saying or doing, love him/her anyway. The card goes on to say that it is easy to love someone when they are being sweet and loving, but to love them when they are not..that is the challenge. This makes so much sense to me, and it’s not that I have stopped loving, its that I felt the love from them has stopped flowing to me. And maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t, but the lesson is to love regardless, and not get caught in the negative spiralling (in my head) about how others might see me. *gives  miss paranoia a comfy cushion to my left*
  2. What can I do to let it go? Wounded Healer: Healing energy, vitality, and life-force energy are flowing through me and to me. This card talks about me being a healer, a wounded healer. I have always associated myself with this term. But it also mentions that whatever needs healing is being resolved. This is a good reminder, because I so often get caught and tangled with the contents of my head, so I can lovingly release the contents of my head into a beautiful glass bowl of sacred rose water and know that healing is taking place.
  3. How can I take control again? Sacred Mountain: Be still, and take the time to move into the silent place within myself. This card speaks of personal power and meditation. This was a joy to read, for whilst I’ve been stuck in my head listening to every word miss paranoia has been whispering to me, I forget this simple and wonderful truth. Breathe deep and sink into your sacred heart space, breathe in peace, gentleness and love. Ahhhhh the effects are instant and long lasting, sleep was much easier!
  4. What do I need to do to move forward? Ancient Forest: Your roots go deep. Incredible, radiant, healing strength is available to me and grows within me. This card is a reminder not to doubt my abilities, a card to remind me to stand tall in my power, my spiritual strength, anchor my roots deep into the earth like a tree in an ancient forest. Perfect!
  5. How can I use this to help me? Peace Pipe: This card speaks of healing old wounds with people and situations. Forgiveness. Forgiveness. Forgiveness.

There are times to drop everything and leave; there are also times to carefully mend bridges with people, situations and places.  I guess I still need to do some work here. I feel like I have lived a life where I had no choice but to constantly stay in shitty toxic situations where I felt undermined, undervalued and unloved. My frustrations at not being heard or ever validated were seen by others to being played out as angry,defensive, bitchy, and totally nuts! And I know I was all of those things, but I felt trapped and cornered and very lost and broken. I was constantly abandoned emotionally, it’s only years later that I realised I was constantly abandoning myself emotionally.

So when I started to heal, really heal, my relationships all changed very dramatically and I stepped back, I had to. I needed to start working out boundaries, what they even were and how I needed them in my life. So fast forward 10 years and here I am, unclear whether my boundaries have actually become walls, if it is safe to let down a few bricks. I am scared and stubborn lol (I am a Taurus after all) so I tend to just go numb and stay safe.

It is an ongoing journey



Daily Draw 12-10-2016


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Daily Draw 1210-2016

Silver Witchcraft Tarot ~ Judgement ~ 5 of Chalices

Awakening and renewal are happening, alignment is occurring, but why do you doubt it so? You feel so defeated, but in this moment of defeat, let hope strike a small chord in you somewhere, know there is a glimmer of light, of hope, of love, you are surrounded with the love of your ancestors, so yes feel the defeat, but do not let that consume all you feel, give room for hope to breathe, and know that not all is lost.