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There was a small girl child born in the village. Her name was Galina.
At birth she was given the gift of a teddy bear.
The teddy bear became her best and only friend. He protected her always. Galina was a quiet shy child, she did not enjoy the company of other children, they were too harsh and noisy and disrupted her spirit so. Even to the point of becoming so painful she would scream and scream clutching her little teddy bear, who would calm her down into a rocking swaying moaning mess.
Her screams caused the other children to run in fear of her. They labeled her as evil and all the children began to fear her.
As Galina grew into a young woman, with her tatty teddy bear she became lonely and sad, but her teddy bear continued to be loyal to her, protect her from other humans who tried to get too close.
Galina’s mother started to fret over daughter, and she felt she needed to help Galina break free of the spell of protection she was under.
The teddy bear needed to be released, but Galina refused to be parted from it.
Her mother felt she needed to consult with the local witch woman, the witch Yushkova cast stones to reveal the spell Galina was under.
She explained that Galina’s teddybear was such a protective energy over Galina, that she was being smothered by the energy of the bear, in fact it had eaten her spirit right up, and she was now housed within the bear itself.
To free Galina, a man of pure heart for Galina (who would love her and allow her spirit to breathe freely where she would have the space to grow into her full wisdom) would be the only one able to free her soul from the teddybear.
He would have to unstitch the bears threads one by one under a dark moon, he would have to swallow the bears black eyes and he would have to burn the fabric of the bear in a cauldron of transformation.
There was such a man. Vershinin, as he was known, had known Galina all her life, they had gone through school together and he had always loved her, but feared her.
Galina’s mother knew of Vershinin’s feelings for her daughter, and she approached him and asked if he would do this great task.
Of course he was called to do so, his racing heart informed him immediately.
And so two weeks later under the dark moon he unstitched the teddybears threads, he swallowed the teddybears little black eyes, and he burned the teddybears fabric body in the cauldron of transformation. Then he fell into a very deep sleep for three long years!
On the last eve of the third year under a dark moon the whole village fell into dark shadow, such a deep enchanted sleep, a collective dream was had by all. A man, A woman being reunited, and on the rising sun when the village awoke from this enchanted sleep, the place was abuzz with the energy of the dream.
There was excitement in the air.
Vershinin rode into town on a big black stallion, and in his arms was Galina wearing the most spectacular gown of white.
The village rejoiced, and Vershinin and Galina lived happily ever after.
A little story I wrote this morning, it has been with me the last couple of days, so decided it was time to write it down)