Make a Booking with Me

Six Options Available: Either via email, or I can upload a private video to You Tube and send you a link to your reading.

Please check out my You Tube Channel to get a feel for the way I work to see if you resonate with my energy, I find that my readings definitely have a deeply spiritual, healing vibe, where you can honestly look at your energy and how it is working in your life, and get it flowing better if it has been feeling stagnant

My You Tube Channel

If you are keen to work with me email

My readings are paid via Paypal

Option One: 3 Card reading $15 NZ Dollars

  • Card one: You
  • Card two: Current challenge ie: career, relationship or health (you choose my focus)Please be aware that I do not make medical diagnoses, I instead tend to focus on emotional/spiritual health
  • Card three: Solution


Option Two: 4 card Spiritual Checkup $20 NZ Dollars

  • Card One: What is my physical, emotional well being like right now
  • Card Two: What weakens my spirit
  • Card Three: What can I do to support my spirit
  • Card Four: What strengthens my spirit


Option Three: 5 card Glastonbury Tree Reading $25 NZ Dollars

  • Card one: The Seed~Potential for Growth
  • Card Two: The Root~ What you are grounded in
  • Card Three: The Trunk~ Direction to follow
  • Card Four: Branches~ What this leads to
  • Card Five: Fruit~ Outcome


Option Four: 6 card Self-Healing Spread $30 NZ Dollars

  • Card one: Primary emotional block
  • Card two: How this block effected past relationships
  • Card three: How this block effects relationships now
  • Card four: The lesson that can be learned from this block
  • Card Five: Steps to take to encourage self-healing
  • Card six: Guiding spiritual principal to follow in the future


Option Five: 7 card Chakra Reading $35 NZ Dollars

  • Card One: Base chakra
  • Card Two: Sacral chakra
  • Card Three: Solar plexus chakra
  • Card Four: Heart chakra
  • Card Five: Throat Chakra
  • Card Six: Third eye chakra
  • Card Seven: Crown Chakra


Each card is between three-five paragraphs (100-150words) and are emailed with photos of the layout you have chosen. Videos are atleast 3-5 minutes per card. Please note: The cards in these photos are examples only, I use many different tarot decks (This deck in the photos are from Enchanted Lenormand)

I also offer Animal Readings

Our pets are such a wonderful part of our lives, they bring us so much comfort and unconditional love. I have had the wonderful opportunity to connect with some of my clients pets, and brought through messages of love and connection. My animal readings focus on what energy your pet brings to you, what your animal needs from you, the energy of your relationship together, and physical issues if that is needed will be highlighted to me. Like my personal people readings, the animal readings are spiritual in nature, so speak of deeper issues and energies. If anyone is interested in a reading for their animal, my readings are $30 I can work with all animals, all I need is a photo, age and gender of pet.

My readings are available either via email or video

Please email:

Payment options:

I use Paypal only


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