You know the best thing you can do for a friend or loved one when they are going through rough times is simply hold sacred space for them and love them and tell them you love them, and be a witness to their experience without trying to fix them, or make their pain about you being inadequate as a friend.
To have someone to sit with me whilst I feel and express all of my feelings, without them trying to solve my problems is such a gift, such a treasure. Because feelings are not a problem they are transient things, but when left unexpressed can create problems.
Someone holding sacred space for me allows me to stay present with the experience of the feelings, and this is the gift. It means I don’t have to worry about their feelings of looking after or fixing me, because no one can fix me, only I can fix me, but having someone love me while I feel all my feels is the healing glue that can create magical integrations within me.
And for the friends and loved ones I have had in my life that hold sacred space for me, I Love you, and I am very grateful!