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The true essence of Alchemy is to understand the relationship that all things have with each other, which is to have true wisdom.-Benjamin Bagenski

I have always seen myself as an alchemist.

People have always said that I make them instantly feel at ease and safe around me, they feel driven to share the contents of their heart, and I listen with gentleness and acceptance and give them encouragement on their journey, and reassure them that all of life has a beauty and an unseen purpose of which we are a part, and of which we can become more active participants in the unfolding of the magic, and to know that we even create the magic.

Our history is what we marinate in. I think most people are detached from this truth, but it really is truth, and what we marinate in becomes who we are. Our history is what creates the energy in our body, so I have the ability to gently shine a light lovingly on what peoples histories are and how it consistently shows up in their lives.

They are often stunned with how quickly they see and feel the truth of what I say, and that is when the alchemical process truly begins.

It is such an honor to witness that spark of understanding.

I am grateful to be gifted with the skills of an alchemist, I have been an alchemist for many lifetimes, and I love it.