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Welcome to this weeks tarot reading for contemplation using The Ancient Egyptian Tarot by Clive Barrett.

Queen of Swords, and Four of Swords. Swords the mind, the mind is a tool but don’t become a slave to it it is a hard taskmaster and will send you on a merry dance creating all kinds of disturbing stories.
Ask the questions assume nothing. Rest and sink into the truth of your story beyond that which the mind creates.

The Sword Queen is highly perceptive, she can help to resolve disagreements, but at times she can also get a little stuck in the head, so balance is the key here. Otherwise we run the risk of running off and creating dramatic stories from the contents in our mind.

The Four of Swords indicates a rest, a respite, a truce even. If there are conflicts this week, just take a step back, don’t let the mind create excessive dramas when there may not be any. Ask questions, that way assumptions can get put to bed, and clarity can return from cloudville!

I have done a short video clip on this weeks reading you can watch here.

Have a Blessed week my lovelies and let me know how you get on.