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So here is what I’ve decided to do just so I have a handle on a schedule, I want these video readings to be meaningful, used as journal prompts for you all, a focus, an anchor, a topic that gets you thinking about issues in a new healing kind of way. I am hoping that you will use these readings as perhaps a journal prompt to get you to start becoming more self aware. Think of it as a free online spiritual study group, but one that you are entirely accountable for, or not, its all about personal choice. And of course hit me up via email, if you feel you would like to discuss your findings more privately, and need some support or insight.
1st of each month: one oracle card that will be the contemplative theme for the entire month.
2x Tarot cards every Monday to assist with the energy of the week.
( I will do this weeks tarot cards shortly)
And I just want to take this time to say thank you for participating and watching, it is my intention to send you all much love and guidance. And I appreciate you being here.