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This time is about mystery that is still yet to unfold. Things are hidden from view, feelings are swirling but not making sense just yet, on the edge there is ancient wisdom and old memories trying to burst through into waking consciousness. Meditation is best at this time, do not push forward with any major decisions just yet, give it a few more days to become clear, it will. Trust

We are moving into balance, remember that there is no right or wrong. When we see things as right or wrong it brings the energy of condemnation. But this is a deeper opportunity for transformation. Look to nature you will see no condemning, only transformation from one form to another.
A tree will lose its leaves in the Autumn, and becomes bare and naked, we can feel sad at the changing of the leaves, at the changing of the Seasons. But each season is vital, each season is valid, no season is wrong, no season is right.
There is always transforming from one state of being to another, this is the essence of life.
So when something or someone you love has reached the end of a cycle, know that rebirth will come, either in this realm, or the next, but it surely comes as surely as the Sun rises every morning.

So now is a time to give thanks for all of the cycles that have come to an end. There is a thinness to the veil at this time, so finding a balance between the seen and the unseen is good. Open the door to your heart to explore the depths of what you already know and don’t know.
We can move, even when we don’t move.

Blessed Be