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First Quarter Moon Phase

A wonderful opportunity to tune in and see how you are doing as we approach this first quarter.
Just take a deep breath and feel in your body where you maybe hanging on to stress, remember that stress blocks your divine energy, so breathe in deep and as you release the breath visualize the stress moving out of your body like whisps of smoke.
Comfort is only a breath away.
Know that the intentions, commitments and goals you set on the New Moon are still achievable, but achievement comes more easily when we are calm, balanced and loving.
So now is the time to be gentle and loving. Harsh disciplinary action will only freeze you deeper into stress. Chill out today, be loving, have a quiet cuppa tea, a relaxing hot bath, self-love is the order of the day.
Take quiet time today to look at these lists you made on the New Moon.
Do you need to make some changes? (You can you know) Did you perhaps take on too many projects with your high enthusiasm at the beginning of this cycle?
Re-organize your priorities, and know this is not a failure, its all simply just a matter of timing. Some things on the list may have changed. Remember synchronicity guides the way to the highest energy right now.
Trust the process.
Work with whats working, and know that what isn’t working simply needs more time to incubate and grow, and trying to force growth just doesn’t work and creates more stress.
So work with whats working, and let go of whats not working..its time will come..but not now!

Blessed Be!