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I have spent all morning swirling in the energy of The Fool/Seeker, and Ten Stone/Pentacle
Our Guide & Theme cards for the month of July

The Seeker Speaks: The world is darkening about me. The feet of dancers are stilled: the voices of singers are silent. Someone must find the soul of the land once more. I travel to restore what has been lost. Oh blackbirds, may your singing be my guide as step upon the rainbow road of my dreams.

Stone Ten Speaks: The way lies clear across the snow. The fire burns within. Come, learn of the abiding treasury of tradition. Keep Winter Court with us and beat us at our own game.

I love these poems that help us to connect with the wisdom of the cards.
They are from the book: The Arthurian Tarot Course, A Quest for all Seasons by Caitlin Matthews.