Just wanted to spend some time explaining what my intention is behind the videos I will be posting. I plan to post at least three per month.

I am very passionate about Tarot, like Very Passionate!
And I am wanting to deepen my own personal journey with tarot.
I have had cards for 22 years starting with my first (and still favorite) The Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews.
I poured over this deck every single night for at least 2 years, I was completely obsessed.
I was partaking in a spiritual growth and inner awareness year long course as well at the time.
This course continued for 3 wonderful years.
And over the years I have loved reading for people, and just recently I have begun teaching tarot courses again.
Teaching is something I love to do, sharing my knowledge and experiences is invaluable to me. But like I said I’m wanting to deepen my own inner world, so of course, what better way to do that than with Tarot as guide and companion.

So my readings each month will be like sacred touch stones along the way, for myself and you if you wish to journey with me.
The Tarot serves as anchor, reminder to your wisdom and strength, and loving support for wherever we are on the road.
I will draw two cards at the beginning of each month. This will be our theme, our guide who journeys with us will be drawn from the Major Arcana, this symbolizes the deeper connection to our spirit and all that is. And the landscape, and our emotional/physical journey will be represented by the Minor Arcana.
Then two more draws..one on the New Moon to map our progress, and one on the Full Moon, to remind us of what we can now lovingly release.

I’m super excited about this journey, and hope you want to travel with me.

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