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Today purify your energy.
A cycle has come to an end, and purification of all residual energy from this cycle prepares you for the next.
Perhaps a cleansing bath would be good with some lavender or rose oil, or whatever your heart calls for. And when you pull the plug, stay in the bath and visualize all that you are wishing to release see it spiraling down the plug hole with the water, so you feel energized and clear.
Do you know how beautiful you are?
When you focus on this truth you align with this truth, you become like the most wonderful flower, and you magnetize all goodness and beauty to you, just like bees to nectar.
To walk the path of beauty release the chaotic craziness of stressful energy and overwhelm.
Walk away from it just for today.
Walk outside
Walk by a stream
Walk by the ocean
Walk by some trees
Walk by some horses, your dog, your cat.
Walk with the sun
Walk with the moon
Then stop…and breathe in your beauty.

Goddess Bless