Deepen your roots to create a solid foundation today.
This could be your Ancestral Roots, your lineage, or your connection to the Earth so you feel more anchored within your sacred space.
When you are connected to the earth in a strong primal way, you can begin to tap into a new awareness, and everything has the possibility to change.
You are able to shed old ways of thinking and being that no longer serve you on your path.
Your glass IS half full and don’t you just love the feeling of optimism and light? Negativity does not dwell here.
So today become aware of completion, finishing those tasks that have been bugging you and pulling you off centre.
Release any pain you have been holding, in your thoughts and your body. STRETCH, let the light in my lovelies.
Create the space of emptiness within and without today.
So its just you and earth, you and your spiritual ancestors communing in harmony and understanding.

Blessed Sunday! 80d8265da73daaeac6dcad5ddde3382b