Would you describe yourself as someone who is fully engaged with life, in the moment, present, energetic?
Or are you someone who falls into ruts easy, slips into automatic pilot most days, walking through life in zombie mode?

If you are the latter, you have fallen into, (what I like to call) The Wasteland.
This is a place of living, but with a dull sluggish energy, and when in this state it becomes hard to move out of, it can be so insidious that you may not even realise you are in this place.

We are repetitive habitual creatures, but it really is a matter of getting honest and looking at what your habits are like.
Do they energise you, do they nourish you, do they inspire you? Or do they leave you feeling guilty, ashamed and just sick of yourself?

The key to good self loving management, is to engage in things that uplift, inspire, energise and just make you feel freaking great!! And not in a short term hit kinda way, but in a long term nourishing fulfilling kinda way.

So its not like having a sugary can of coke that gives you a super quick hit of energy, but more a hot bowl of delicious healthy soup that will sustain you for much longer.

So take a look at your daily habits, get fucking real and honest!
And remember when your habits tumble you into the wasteland abyss, you become asleep and not aware that you are still making choices, when you are in the wasteland you might feel more like a victim, not even aware that being in the wasteland is still a choice.

Eating healthy and exercising daily = good health, enough energy to get through the day with alert awareness and joy.
Society focus’s on this a lot.

But how about also including healthy state of mind, healthy habits within our thinking/feeling realm!!

What do you think?

Do you need to make changes, better choices?