Yes the word we all dread to hear and be associated with, either within ourselves or our loved ones.

So many many times I hear people with cancer and those close to them speaking of a battle, a fight that must be fought in order to win and be cured.

I always speak about love, and loving cancer into a melted state of non existance.
Because it is my opinion that cancer is not something that suddenly appears in our body like some evil entity, I believe it is where we most need to love ourselves, our thoughts, our patterns, our core beliefs that keep us stuck, oppressed, it is the deeper energetic patterns that we live with on a daily basis that can be destructive and create dis-ease within us.
So of course I see fighting cancer as a crazy is like fighting the deeper darker aspects of your unknown self and hoping they’ll just fuck right off!
Instead look at it as an dig deep into the hidden aspects of your soul..the places where you grieve silently, where you feel unheard, where you scream and contain all your frustrations, all your judgements, all of the things you were never given the space or permission to own within you.
You are sacred, sacred through and through, cancer…in fact any dis-ease is in my opinion a call to bring yourself more fully into the light and love yourself so completely, so beautifully, that no dis-ease can live, it melts into your being in a loving melting blanket of deeper self knowing!