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Here we are..the Full Moon..and a Lunar Eclipse, exciting energy.
As always I did a collective energy shuffle…and out flew the Three of Chalices.
This energy is all about family gathering and celebration..and its Easter so indeed a family time.
There are new opportunities ready to be birthed now, get playful, get creative, get those manifestation juices flowing.
Your path is about to be lit up, you may feel you have been walking blindfolded the last few weeks, and in some ways this is true, all that you were has dropped away and a rebirth is now imminent.
Healing and resolution has taken place deep within you, and you can move with purpose.
Ask yourself what is now coming together?
The next few days will feel like a jigsaw puzzle coming together to form a picture you can finally see, feel, and understand.
Key Words: Conjunction, Celebration
Blessed Be