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I’m sure many of you are feeling it, I have shuffled the cards, and pulled The World.
What a perfect card for such an amazing time
This New Moon is all about reaching a completion, I’m feeling a collective completion taking place,its as though we have all reached a place together and there is great spiritual celebration in this. We have gone through trials by fire, and have survived, and we have thrived even..against all odds we have thrived!
Well done us
The Universe is dancing in delight at our accomplishments.
We can now run with true purpose, true effortlessness into the heart of our desire.
You may not be feeling this excitement, you may be feeling exhausted, lost and confused, please know this is all part of the energy, even if you are feeling the depressed energy..just hold a small sliver of light, of hope, and know that this too shall pass!
Spend some quiet time with yourself over the next 24 hours and ask yourself the honest questions.
What do you need that you are not moving towards?
And what do you no longer need but are still clinging to?
Let Go and move into joy