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Full Moon today~~
Become mindful today of your inner union..your masculine and your feminine energy. Are they in balance? Is there harmony?
Do you allow them both a voice?
Your feminine energy is infused with wisdom, intuition and magic…your masculine energy is infused with courage, action and anchored understanding.
But they both must have space to be..and be heard, otherwise the balance within you becomes lost and you tend to be filled with amazing magic and ideas, but are frozen and unable to move forward to action any of them.
Listen to your feminine intuition..and action your hearts yearnings with the courage of the masculine energy.
I always like to think of these two forces as Guinivere and King Arthur, she is heard and honoured by her King, he doesn’t ride off on a tangent without first listening to his Queen…and likewise Queen Guinivere isn’t shut in her room not willing to share her deepest heart felt feelings to her King, they are in balance, in harmony with each other.
This full moon is about union
Meditate with your King and Queen this evening.
Don’t forget to put your crystals out tonight, charge those beauties up heart emoticon
And a photo and poem to follow later for the Full Moon/New Moon Photo/Poem challenge