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Full Moon
Welcome here we are again celebrating the Moon’s Fullness,and it feels like a time to truly connect to those that love and honour us and hold us in light and beauty.
Those who can see us, even when we feel filled with shadowy darkness, they hold us in a sacred loving space and welcome us back into the light when we are ready.
These wonderful souls in our lives can offer us such deep insights, and we see our reflections within these soul members..whether they be family of blood,or family of light, or even in fact family of dark.
We are all family, observe where you are within your family and you will learn so much about yourself and how you respond to the world around you.
Are you a leader..a follower? Does your love flow..or not flow? Which direction does your love flow..or not flow??
This Full Moon is about observing where and how you interact in the larger soul family
P.S. Photo & Poem for Moon Challenge…GO!