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I have been unwell over the last week or so…

I felt the need to visit Brigid. I knew she could help me.
And sure enough when I walked to the cabin Brigid was waiting outside for me, she was sitting on the seat carving into a small piece of wood.
“Ahh here you are child, come inside.”
She lovingly reached out to me with her beautiful weathered aged hands and led me inside.
She lay me down on the bed and went to the fire where a cauldron was hanging. She ladled some of its contents into a wooden bowl and had me sit up to drink it.
It was not at all pleasant to taste but she urged me to drain the bowl of every last drop which I did.
She said “Sleep now, you must rest, let the fever do its work.”
I lay down feeling the liquid travelling through my body heating me up like a fiery furnace. I felt like I was in hell, I traveled down an old familiar corridor and then fell into a very deep sleep.

I don’t know how many days I slept, I think perhaps 2 or 3, but when I finally woke up Brigid was there with a cool welcome wash cloth and a soupy vegetable broth which tasted magic.
“How are you feeling child?”
I wasn’t sure, I needed to stretch my body. Brigid helped me to stand and led me outside into a glorious sunny day.
The light was intense and took me a few moments to adjust. I could feel Willow in the distance, and she wandered over to welcome me back.
Brigid said we still had work to do to clear my energy of any *residual gunk* she called it. We sat down on the bench in the sun and she asked me to recall any dreams I had when I was in my feverish state.
I tried to remember but my mind was blank, “There will be something child, close your eyes.”
I closed my eyes and I did recall a few things, but no story line just symbols left behind like a trail of breadcrumbs.
I saw the elements of earth and water, I heard a frog, and there was a mountain lion.
I opened my eyes, Brigid had her eyes closed and she was smiling.
“Tomorrow you journey, but for now go be with Willow she wants to take you for a ride.