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~Full Moon~
There has been a feeling of sluggish stagnant energy hanging around the last week.
It is building and building, I’m feeling it in the form of a nasty flu, the fever sends you tripping into some other dimension to do some important work.
So often when the fever hits..whether it be a physical fever or an emotional one, our first response is to bury it..either with medication, food, alcohol, whatever your addiction of suppression is.
But the only way through..is through, we can’t avoid it, what we resist..persists
So whatever form your energy is greeting you with, embrace it, listen to your body, listen to your feelings, look after you..for if you don’t you’ll fall apart eventually, and the world needs you whole!

(Don’t forget *Words on the Moon* Challenge, of photo and poem to describe your full moon feelings today, mine will follow later tonight..watch this space)

My Poem 🙂

Fiery fever blazing a trail
Burning a healing pathway throughout my body
Deep patterns being melted in the heat
Breaking down
Transmuting into golden lava
Molten glow of a magic river
Running through my veins