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Full Blood Red Moon ~
What an intense flow of energies with this moon..feels like a storm tossing everything about. reach out and hold someones hand, there can be a symbiotic flow of healing energy when we reach out and simply love!
Mercury is throwing its energetic spanner in the works also, so you may feel like you are in an emotional and physical boxing ring
Healing Crisis, seems to be the theme of the day…TRUST…and have FAITH that all of this pain is not for nothing…nothing is ever for nothing! Its always and ever for a great deal of something, don’t sink into the illusion its all for nothing..rise above the storm so you can better navigate your way through it, if you take a step back you will see a sliver a light, hold it and now…Dive back in my lovelies!
P.S. Remember my challenge to you all..I will be taking my photo and adding my poem to my new album titled “Words on the Moon”
Get your cameras out..and your poetry pens flying, your poem does not need to be about the moon…perhaps just a short few lines of your key emotions this Full Moon
So here’s a challenge for all my facebook buddies
Every Full Moon and every New Moon beginning on October 8th take one photo from the same spot at the same time for one full year and write a short poem for each photo, create an album specifically for this challenge. Lets call it
“Words on the Moon”
I will remind you twice a month that its photo and poem time.
Who’s in?