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Welcome to October~
Powerful energies this month lovely souls.
Feels the energies of dark and light are clashing particularly hard this month with a dash of rainbow fiery colours and patterns trying to birthed amongst the clash.
I would describe it as a bi-polar month, incredible power packed highs and deep dark earthy lows.
It really is about learning to manage the energies, most important to give both space and a voice to be fully expressed, both are vital in the rebirthing process.
You will be changed..how is up to you, you can’t go into a washing machine without getting bashed about a bit
But you will either come out feeling cleansed and fresh..or wrinkled and exhausted..you have a choice
Take care of yourself
Eat nourishing foods
Drink nourishing drinks
and most importantly accept yourself..fully, the ups and the downs, let them sing and dance together, thats where the deepest and most profound healing can enter