July Full Moon

What a ride!
So much tension building this month, its almost been intolerable
Mercury has been kicking some sweet asses about the place (mine being one of them)
We have been trying to do an important life changing deal since the 19th May :-0
And its been on again off again the entire time, and we STILL don’t have a definate answer yet.
I have had to let go, I did this about a week ago..kicking and screaming I’ll have you know, but let go I did.
And todays Full Moon highlights once again the deep powerful energy of ‘letting go’

The importance of manifestation, whilst holding the energy of detachment…what a conundrum..but it is possible it is.

I find myself free with no expectation of the outcome, I am sitting in peace, and filled with gratitude for all that we have.

So this Full Moon…practice the art of detachment..letting go..with gratitude