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Welcome to July!
July is about the all important journey..the journey from head, deep into heart!
Most of humanity functions through the head, most of our daily jobs depend on our head energy, it gets the job done, but there is a danger of staying too long in the head.
Its energy can make you robotic, controlled and extremely rigid, and this can even cause you to feel pain in the body, it can make your spine stiff so no fluid is able to move through it, it can freeze it.
I know when I’ve been too much in my head, cause my body craves a hot bath, interestingly enough I never used to enjoy hot baths when I was younger..but perhaps I was more freer then..less rigid in my thoughts and my body.
Age really highlights your stiffness and aching joints
I don’t stretch my body nearly enough, perhaps part of the reason is that most times I’m trapped in my head.
Make an effort this month to drop into the softness that is your heart energy..just drop and relax, bathe in hot water, use crystals, essential oils, candles and colours.
There must be a balance..but to create balance you must first become aware of where your energy sits on a daily basis…pay attention to your energy, and create a balance from that standpoint.
Enjoy the energy of July..and enjoy the dance between head and heart!