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Brigid said I needed to spend some time with Willow the white mare who had brought me to Brigid at the beginning of my journey.
Willow was excited to spend time with me I felt an eagerness in her energy to share with me all she knew.
She told me we were going to play a game..a mirroring game.
I had to follow her every movement, mirror every move back to her perfectly, it was hard at first, but then something in me shifted, and we became more connected, and it felt so fluid, it was thrilling. It was like doing push hands…with a horse!
After some time she asked that I climb on her back, and close my eyes. I felt nervous to close my eyes, but I did it, she walked gently, no fast trot, canter or gallop, but a delicious gentle walk where I felt my energy melt into hers…we were one!
She brought me back to the cabin, I climbed off her back, I felt so elated with the gift she had given me. We are all one, we just need to re-connect to feel it.
I wanted to give her an apple or a carrot, she picked up on my thought, and she said why do you want to do that?I said to thank you, she said no..no thanks is needed, what we shared was symbiotic I received just as much as you did! We gifted each other with our time and our trust and our openness, and she turned and galloped off!