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Brigid asked that I follow her so I did, the white mare also walked along with us, Brigid never said a word,I was curious and questioned where we were going but still she never said a word.
After some time we arrived at a beautifullake,there was a small boat, Brigid said I was to get in the boat and row to the middle of the lake where I would gain deep insight into things that worried me.
I did as she asked and when I got to the center of the lake there was no sound just a stillness then a mist rolling in and covering me with a layer of love.
I lay down just to feel this deep stillness seep into my being,I must’ve fallen asleep I woke with a start I’m not sure what it was that woke me but I felt so different, I stretched my body, what?? I had 4 legs, I went to cry out but a noise came from my throat like no noise I had ever made before, I looked over the edge of the boat into the water to see my reflection..I was a mountain lion!
I started howling like a baby,but of course it was a huge sound of a mountain lion.
There was return calls to me, then into the boat jumped 3 lion cubs! My babies!!!
We cried and purred and licked and nuzzled and snuggled, then we all lay down together in a big mountion lion of snuggleness and purred and held each other with such a high vibration of love that I knew that nothing could ever sever it! Ever!
We slept for a very very long time in deep healing cocoon of love.
Then after along time passed I stretched and woke up..then I shook my body, my shaking caused the cubs (well they were no longer cubs..they were lions) to fall out of the boat.
I was not worried,I was not scared,I just knew it was time for them to journey into their own lives, their own paths, their own directions.
I have loved them enough, I have..and my love will be with them forever, I know this to be true!