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So I sat down with my back against the giant oak, the hum of its energy gently vibrated up and down my spine, it put me to sleep.
I woke up to the white horses gentle nose nuzzling me, she spoke to me, but not with words more with feelings I was asked to climb on her back she had somewhere to take me.
It felt so good to be on her beautiful snowy white back I felt so loved so supported.
We gently walked through the meadow the sight and smell was very subtle but still effected me in a very intense way it was like I was one with all of it.
We arrived at a little cabin. Outside on a bench sat a very old woman, she looked beautiful and full of light it was as though her energy had a song I could remember. She looked into my eyes with her milky bluestone eyes, and she said “Ahhh I have been waiting for you, come inside child.”
I climbed off the snowy white mare and left her grazing outside I thanked her for her journey.
There was a bed in the corner of the cabin, the old woman asked me to lay down and she said she was here for me and my journey, I asked her who she was, she said her name was Brigid, but that she was me, an older wiser version of me come back to love me.
She lay her hand on my heart and her other hand on my forehead, I felt her warmth of her hand it was gently pulling dark energy from my heart, I started to sob Shhhh its ok child let it go, I love you I have always loved you I want nothing from you you do not have to give me anything of yourself just breathe and let it go.
This grief in my heart was large and painful I could not release it all for fear of losing myself, she knew and said its ok you do not have to let this all go at once, we will work together to release it over time.
I sat up and she gave me a drink from a beautiful chalice cup it was warm and I could feel it hit my heart with a warming healing energy.
She then placed around my neck a leather pouch, inside was tobacco, sage and a red piece of cloth, on the outside of the pouch was a magnificent eagle feather. She hugged me gently to her body I Love you she said..sleep now.