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I meditated with my chakra vision I received and here is what happened

I planted the acorn deep in my base chakra and the roots grew strong down my legs and anchored deep into the earth, the branches grew tall through my upper body and into the sky, I felt very strong
I became aware of the brilliant orange gerbera at my sacral chakra its petals were stretching open as wide and as open as they could be and I could smell oranges and as I began to become aware of my solar plexus and the vision of the sun I began to hear Tibetan Monks chanting and my entire body started to vibrate and hum with the sound and the sun was breathing, I stayed here breathing in this energy for quite some time before moving up to my heart chakra.
When I arrived there was the beautiful expansive rolling meadows, but I was completely unsure what to do there. I felt unsure, stuck even (interesting huh) I began to hear music in the distance it sounded like angels singing, I asked myself what am I meant to do here and my giant oak from my base chakra appeared, so I sat down in this meadow and leaned my body against the strength and comfort of the oak. A white horse appeared, and just gently grazed around me, I knew I was to go on a journey, but that’s for another day