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Orange Gerbera
Sacral Chakra
White Roses
Native Grasses
Aura Soma
Colour Therapy

I dreamed about a brilliant orange gerbera suspended in mid air just in front of my body. I wanted it, I wanted it with all my being.
I woke up with the feeling that someone would gift me with a brilliant orange gerbera, I wanted to play with the idea that I could make this happen.
White roses were swirling in my energy and native grasses, such a lovely combination.
Coloured bottles of magic for healing, I often think of AuraSoma and how much colour therapy has helped me in the past.
I’m looking after my hands better, and I have started writing again, perhaps that’s an important connection yes?
I see an amber crystal also and my sacral chakra hums with more healing.
And I want to sing.
Music and voice
Hands and writing
Nature and colour
Life is all about magic and connecting things into a bigger picture , a clearer vision

Oh and I did spot the gerbera, it was at a clients house as I walked through their hallway, they didn’t gift it to me, but I realise that wasn’t important, seeing it turn up was the gift, and I spotted it again later In the evening in an online game I was playing.
And the important thing is it turned up twice, so it was my gift of vision to myself