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Do not fear speaking your truth
Base Chakra
Crown Chakra
Soul Intuitive

I’m going to start keeping a synchronicity journal.
These words have come into my vision the last few hours…part of the puzzle.
Do you have any synchronicities you are aware of in your life right now?

I spoke my truth today, it hurt a dear friend I had to share my feelings, I could no longer maintain the friendship, and I was met with hurtful words and violent energy.
My base chakra and crown chakra felt deeply effected, but in a positive way. I was right to share my truth it confirmed why I spoke in the first place.
My Base chakra is reconfiguring itself it feels like, familial beliefs have been finally released and I can anchor into new more solid truth.My crown chakra hums and resonates with the rightness as I open and unfold.
I am a soul intuitive
I will see Ruby in my base chakra for my healing and rebuilding
The Moon is my most loyal companion, the stars in the heaven is my playground.
The clouds can obscure things but not forever hidden.
There is plenty hidden,open your eyes and you will begin to see the microbiology underneath the spiritual microscope.
And so I bleed, I always bleed a breakthrough it seems to be the way of my wisdom.
And so new seeds are planted and I will grow wings.
A winged plant perhaps who laughs at confrontation unafraid