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~New Moon~

What a Month! Sheesh that Cardinal Cross kicked some ass..yes!?!
There has been some pretty wild energies flying about the last few weeks, its effected our weather and ourselves.
But the rains feel as though they have been very cleansing..albeit a bit rough with a wire brush So yes you might be feeling a bit rough round the edges

But its over, its calm and quiet for now there is a still moment where we can rest and catch our breath, lick our wounds, and snuggle into a safe place.
But you can’t fall asleep, because then you’ll forget, you’ll forget the importance of the storm and all it has cleared, and you now need to sit with the aftermath of the storm and quietly process what has happened, you can do this whilst in the recovery position, or foetal position its ok
Light a candle give thanks and slowly start to stretch your bruised and battered body and remember you are a healer, by your very nature you are a healer, you breathe therefore you heal its that simple. Every breath is rejuvinating, every breath is transformative, today on this new moon you are like a new born babe, beautiful, perfect and the essence of love in every way, be gentle, be gentle