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~Welcome to April~
I was sitting here thinking of March and the lyrics ‘Rolling in the Deep’ from Adele came to mind. That’s how March felt..Rolling in the Deep
April we emerge a little bedraggled and perhaps ragged round the edges. But that’s ok. Its a more gentle month for many of us..lots of progress happening from all the deep hard work that you put into March. April is far more relaxing, we can watch it unfold with glee. Reap the benefits of all our hard prep work we did in March.
There will still be busy moments of course, perhaps even stressful moments (HA! Who am I kidding, life is always full of stressful moments that’s just the nature of life) but they wont have the same destructive elements that March had in them. March was about breaking down old habits that weren’t working and building up inner strength and confidence to help us in the next phase.
Remember to create sacredness in the ordinary everyday things that you do this month.
It will bring more meaning and a deeper joy to all that you do!