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Maybe today take some quiet time today to reflect upon March and what its brought into your life. Tomorrow is the 2nd Black New Moon of the year. These are rare, so take this opportunity to get clear about what has been, what is present in your life at this moment, and what is to come.
Work on releasing any worry or stress that you have been carrying, take a moment to breathe deep into your body and just feel what’s going on for you. So often we are on automatic pilot.
Write a list of significant things you can remember happening this month, the good and the bad, then work out what you want to take forward into April, and what you want to release.
Create a ritual, rituals are wonderful and they don’t need to be complicated. You might simply light a candle, put on some soothing music and write a list. You might choose to create a special dinner with family tonight and take some time to listen and really share your feelings with each other in a deeper more meaningful way than usual.
Maybe a hot soak in the bath with some rose petals from your garden, candles lit and really soak into the ritual of relaxation.
Lets get ready to say farewell to March and welcome to April!

Exciting times…Exciting Times!

Here she is the 2nd Dark New Moon this year, and feeling like you are in the dark seems to be the current theme. Last week it felt as though everything was about clarity and precision, but suddenly in the last 24 hours all of that clarity may feel as though it has vanished!
Don’t fall into panic and/or frustration this darkness is necessary and I don’t feel as though it will last long at all.
Simply try to slow everything down in the next 24 hours, starting internally and moving that slow steady peace outwards into whatever you are involved in.
Slow your breath..this brings peace
Slow your thoughts…this brings peace
Slow down your body..this brings peace
Slowing everything down and disturbing your spirit as little as possible heightens your senses, imagine you are blindfolded, imagine how this would slow you down in order to become more aware of your surroundings, your boundaries, your body in relation to everything.
This is a good exercise, it helps you release the unimportant and focus on the vital.
Use this quiet dark time to become fully aware, alert and present, then the darkness starts to melt and the light can fill you up again.
Honour the darkness, we need it for balance

Farewell Beautiful March!~