~ Full Moon ~

WOW..what an intense intense build up of energies to this Full Moon. I feel like it has kicked my ass!!
Feel physically exhausted, emotionally there have been so many tense unpleasant moments, looking into a mirror and not liking some aspects that were reflected back at me, but fully acknowledging these aspects, and that acknowledgement has brought some wonderful moments of clarity and understanding.
This moon is all about things hidden and things surfacing, can be a kicker because things you thought you had put to rest are rising to the surface for some new levels of understanding..embrace it, its entirely worth it.
Rest up when you can, don’t push your energy to hard this next few days, just allow your body some rest, there is alot, ALOT going on under the surface it, honour that and be gentle!~

My apologies for missing the New Moon and the Goodbye to February and Welcome to March blog posts! Life has been speeding up again! Sheesh it really does do that when we get older doesn’t it? I thought it was a myth!
Been busy in the home office, in fact so busy we are about to start some home extensions because our office space has become ridiculously small, so we have had the plans drawn up, the builders out, and are soon to start the dreaded council consent stage!

So I am still here, but just quietly working away in the corner..leave a cake and a coffee if you like 😉