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Our second new moon this month!! And A Super Moon!!!

A Golden opportunity on this magical New Moon to have a second chance to get all of your thoughts clear..all of your ducks in a row..all of your dreams in place.

A super strong feminine energy abounds right now, intuition is sharper now than it has been for a long time, it feels almost as though the veil has been lifted so you can get a stronger look into your future creations/manifestations and make any tweaks and changes necessary now to further enhance a critical *line-up* with the magic that is you!

Are you feeling fulfilled?
Are you feeling empowered?
Are you feeling beautiful and loved by yourself?

Step back and fill yourself with gratitude and appreciation for who you are in this moment right now.

Your life is a miracle, you are here to reconnect with the true essence of who you are and live your life from the energy of that truth, so you can play, have fun, and evolve beyond the dramas we create..dramas are a bad habit, dramas are like crack to the emotional body..highly addictive but insidiously destructive.

Bring your life into balance, observe your thoughts, and more importantly observe your feelings, these truly are a guide to where you are energetically, and we are all energetic beings..and our energy can be shifted, we are not powerless!!

Much Love to you all as this Black New Super Moon gives us the opportunity to realign!!