Isn’t it interesting that here we stand amidst great change and we sometimes feel that nothing changes. We are impatient, that is our humanness, but we don’t often see the changes taking place. But if you sit quietly long enough you will begin to feel that everything has changed.
It is subtle, very very subtle, but you must engage in the stillness to feel it, the negativity is very loud, very painful, and dulls any lightness and love, it can be overwhelming to the point of drowning everything else out, and then you might feel that life is getting even worse!
And if you do not have the strength and the discipline to step out of the negativity you will stay in it, its powerful its intoxicating, its addictive.
But look beyond its grip and see all of the wonderful things that have happened in your life, shift your focus to feeling the joy and the peace and the freedom that arises within you when your focus shifts, it changes how you feel, even if only for a moment, but when you take the time to shift your focus to the positives those moments grow, it is like having the most beautiful garden but it is choked by noxious weeds, you must weed the garden in order to see and enjoy the beauty that is there.
And I am not saying rip every single weed out, its impossible (as any good gardener knows) but it is a labour of love, your life should be like a beautiful garden, a labour of love, negativity/positivity, flowers/weeds, good healthy food/junk food. There must be a balance in all things.
I believe for me this year has been about becoming more acutely aware of how I’m feeling and taking care of my internal garden.
Next year will be about fine tuning my energies, learning to read myself faster and acting accordingly to how I want to feel, not reacting from past experiences, then blocking myself from creating new more nourishing ones.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve