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Woo Hoo..the energy of this month is dynamic and exciting. There is a feeling of confidence and the ability to deal with any obstacles in a very positive way, even in a joyous way.

You will feel very passionate about your life now, hope and faith are anchored strong in your energy, you KNOW that you are strong enough to overcome anything.
Past fears are swept aside, and yippee, you’ve let go the need of approval from others.
There is a feeling of heightened creativity, and because you are able to fully accept yourself lovingly, you can tap into this energy of creativity effortlessly.
There is a feeling of loving support and nurturing, and your sensitivitys are heightened now.
So what is it you want to bring into the light this month?
Allow it to surface then do it..you can..you really really can!!

Deepest of Blessings upon you all!