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Let us say Farewell to November!~

This month was all about creating quiet space on a daily base to really listen to your heart and soul and to be gently guided by your inner voice to your future direction.
I hope you managed to carve out some sacred time for yourself everyday, it makes such a difference.
Mornings are my sacred time, I sit quietly in my office sipping my cup of earl grey tea…looking out at the view from my office (will post a photo) thinking about my day..tuning in to how I feel, think about my life..reflect..give thanks..be grateful for all I have accomplished.
Sitting in the energy of gratitude is such a good thing to do..its like a healing balm that you marinate in, just let the stresses melt away, sometimes we get so hooked in to the negatives that are going on for us, the little stresses, the mini fears, the voice of self loathing..the inner coach that never lets us rest..push push push. And while we are in that space there is never room for gratitude, and when you are sitting more in the energy of gratitude..you are manifesting more creative solutions.
I have experienced this to be true for me over and over in my own life
Sit with love..sit with gratitude..this is the solution, and I am by no means saying bury your head in the sand with your problems..and the emotions that come up with them…but cut yourself a bit of slack…let go and allow yourself to sink into the energy of love and gratitude, it will bring you a feeling of relief..and when you are in relief..the body can destress, and then you move into solutions..its like a cloud moving from in front of the sun..the clouds never disappears but you can enjoy the warmth of the sun..this is balance!~

Much love to you all