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This New Moon is a time to think about your emotional wounds, now I don’t mean sit about in the pity pot feeling sorry for yourself with all of your emotional battle scars, and moaning about all of the hurts that have been heaped upon you, I mean quite the opposite!

Become aware of your wounds, don’t feed them negatively and therefore help them to grow. Let yourself begin to heal..dig deep right down into your roots, that’s where the healing takes place, that’s where the light of truth is. If you do not understand what I mean…just stop right now…close your eyes and take three deep breaths, feel the relaxing energy of that breath entering your body and calming you down instantly. You cannot be anxious when you breathe deep, it is physically impossible, when your breathing is fast and you are anxious you are not healing…breathe deeply and the light will start to swirl within your body breaking up all the particles of stress!

There is no light in the head, only more drama and illusion to feed your wounds.
This New Moon is all about accepting what is…just breathe deep into every experience, then let it go..no reacting, hard to do for sure, but good to practise, try it

Blessings to you all