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Welcome to October!~

Where is your energy?
Quite often we function through our head, Now there is nothing wrong with using head energy in fact at times it is crucial, but if you spend all your time functioning from this point you tend to neglect other very important aspects to yourself.
Some projects for example just don’t do well with head energy. Especially the arts. You can learn the most beautiful piece of music and have it memorised perfectly and play it using the head energy of memory, but it will sound dry and rigid, it needs to be animated by your feeling, your heart, your gut, your entire body involved! And then it becomes really alive with presence, but with head/thinking energy alone it will be flat. When we learn something we need the head, but there comes a point where you must simply…let go.

October is all about becoming aware of where your energy is, and practice letting go and just *being* Allow your focus..your energy to move through your body with passion and freedom

Give your head a rest