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Welcome to Full Moon!~

The earth is our touchstone of wisdom, the Full Moon can take us out of ourselves, and as we look up at the beauty and mystery of life, we can re-connect with that beauty and mystery but remember to stay earthed in this life.
Pull the energy of Marama down through your crown chakra, feel the light dispelling any confusion, energising every nook and cranny of your being! The light filling you up, connecting you even deeper to your roots.
This Full Moon is about consolidation and establishment, take some time today to clear out things that are no longer working, do so with a gentle hand and a loving heart, for the things that may no longer serve, did at one time serve you well. How we exit situations is just as equally important as to how we entered.
Think about your energy when you enter a room, a relationship, a job, think about where your energy is in your body, do you feel it? Are you even aware of it?
Let the Full Moon energy connect with your energy, and sit with your true nature for awhile, let it swirl around and mingle and enjoy the energetic story it tells, draw it, write it, sing it, dance it, cry it, laugh it, but just do it!