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I was having a discussion with a friend about the benefits of meditation for people..children specifically.

Here’s my thoughts.

I believe that children would get bored with meditation, but I think Creative Visualisation would be great, more of a free form meditation 😉 Where they are the creators
I believe children need tools to help them stay engaged! Engage their passion and stretch their imaginations.

Personally I do not meditate, I focus my intention, using my thought and staying present in my body, I use visualisation more than meditation, I believe we are in an age where sitting meditating has become old. Its about staying present, using every moment as a meditation. A way of being. And I am always aware of my surroundings, I’m always *paying attention* and I think children are very good at this, its getting them to become aware that they are really good at it and teaching them they have that wisdom at their disposal.

But in Schools sometimes the way they teach takes them away from their wisdom, teaches them they have to fit in a box and be normal. And that’s where we block some very innovative system busters. I think problem solving and free thinking need to be encouraged more, so our children feel more empowered!

I believe children need to feel more empowered, more respected, guided to making awesome choices that can lead them to live fulfilling lives, and letting them realise they have that power to make awesome choices, with guidance of course. But I believe a child is more connected to their emotional guidance system than we are.
I believe we need to teach them how to problem solve while engaging fully in this process, because when not engaged we come from a victim stance etc etc This is what I believe we need to teach our children, and I believe we need to allow children to feel their way into what their gifts are. I mean, the basics at school is obviously important, but how about getting children to really feel what their strengths are and encourage and allow that to blossom…not excluding other important learning, but enhancing their gifts!!!

And a sitting down meditation is a great tool, but I believe its vital that we action from that wisdom..so many people meditate and feel wonderful…while they meditate, but then they continue about their daily lives actioning nothing, so need to meditate to feel peaceful and empowered again. I believe meditation should be a simple tool to anchor you..so then you move out peacefully and empowered 24/7…we need to be living from that state of grace, not just visiting it.