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July is holding the energy of abundance and fertility.

You have the energy and the ability to truly follow your flow of destiny this month. This brings you such a sense of fulfilment and nurture. Love blesses everything you do and everything you touch when you follow this flow of energy.

Plenty of opportunity for emotional growth flowing your way, practice remaining in a state of harmony, allowing negative emotions to flow over you like water over a rock.

Surround yourself with things of beauty that help to remind you of who you really are under your human conditioning.

You really are more than you know. Take moments this month as often as you can to establish a stronger relationship with who you truly are.

Write a list of things that bring you joy, a sense of calm, peace and sweet relief. Refer to this list often, add to it, let it grow, flesh it out and use it to action more joy and harmony and deep understanding to your life, this practice enables you to stay in the flow of your destiny. When we stay stuck in the mind of negative self talk we hinder our deepest wisdom, we suffocate it. Let it breathe, release the mind chatter as often as you can, action your list as often as you can, you will begin to feel a subtle shift take place in your life, take small steps every day to action bigger leaps towards living from a state of grace, of wisdom, and loving peace.

Happy July!!!

Much Love