I’m feeling a powerful *jolt* with the energy of this New Moon.

Things that were buried along time ago are surging to the surface with a hiss and a roar of volcanic intensity.

Family dramas are coming to the fore, don’t fall into the trap of sinking into who used to be within the family dynamics growing up.

You are a different person now, you can hold your energy, remain true and remain anchored.

Step back and see the pure vision of family contracts, and know that family contracts were signed long before you arrived here, and they were signed with the deepest of love, for the depth of your growth!

Love your family, release if that is your need, and release any guilt around this, guilt is not part of your contract, only love is your contract, hold your family in much love, and hold yourself with the same love and feel yourself lift up and spin away from painful family dramas that no longer serve any of you!

And gently whisper…”Thank you Family. You bring deep colour to my life, where everything changes, but remains the same forever”

Blessed New Moon