The Full Moon is at it’s peak the energy has been building over the last two weeks, have you been feeling it?

I always feel my emotions build in synch with the full moon energy. I can start to feel a bit weepy, melancholy, reflective and down right irritated. My moon time builds with the fullness of the moon so stands to reason.

I believe the full moon energy allows us to touch into somethings that have been buried so deep that we forgot they were there, but they are able to surface with this energy.

Allow this surfacing of things long held forgoten, and remember that the eternal is with us everyday..nurturing..supporting..and loving us on our journey.

Release things that no longer nourish you, release with much love, and know that the love IS the eternal, and when we release the human grip from things, people, situations, relationships, we allow things to settle back into their rightful place…LOVE

Blessed Full Moon to you all!