Three people walk into a bar . . .


They were friends and discussed going to the bar after work, the first guy was excited about going to the bar “Come on, it’ll be fun” he said

The second one said “Yeah..just one drink though, it’s been along day, and I got another long day tomorrow.”

The third guy didn’t even want to go, “Why go sit in a bar, its boring as hell in those places, I’ve had a shitty rotten day, and I don’t feel well to be honest, I don’t want to go.”

But his mates insisted that he go.

Three people walk into a bar, the first guy has a wonderful time, he meets a nice woman even, and they exchange phone numbers!

The second guy has a drink, and enjoys it, but then heads home as he has a long day tomorrow.

The third guy has a rotten time, he’s feeling a bit sick, and its crowded at the bar, a guy steps on his foot, a lady elbows him in the stomach trying to slip by him back to her seat (He wishes he had a seat, but NO they got here too bloody late) Then as he reaches for his wallet to pay for his drink, he realizes it’s gone! Some prick has stolen his wallet!

The moral of this story…your energy creates your reality!!!!