The daily prompt for today is about success. It asks us to tell about a time where everything we’d hoped would happen actually did.

I was 22 years old and pregnant for the first time.

I wanted to have a homebirth.

People tried to talk me out of it saying homebirths were dangerous, things could go seriously wrong, and that I was being selfish and irresponsible.

I read every book on labor and birth I could get my hands on, I joined the homebirth association, and did homebirth antenatal classes. I found the best midwife who specialized in homebirths, and I trusted my body.

I labored for 6 hours and my daughter emerged gently into this world at home, in my living room!

I had faith in my body, I let my mind step aside to allow my body sacred space to do its work.

People said I was just *lucky*

I went on to have two more very successful homebirths


I don’t know, kinda pisses me off when people say I was just lucky, I planned it, just like I plan my life..fully conscious, self aware, flowing always in the groove of faith, trust and an abundance of love.