Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?


Depends…whats in it? 😉

I always live my life from a glass half full perspective, I have learned over the years that my thoughts carry incredible power, and whatever thoughts I nourish always grow, whether they are positive or negative. It’s like we live with heaven and hell within us and we can live and breathe from whichever one we give our energy to.

Now thats not to say that I deny my thoughts that don’t feel as good, or that I stay in the denial of everything being blissfully perfect all the time.

Its that I have learned that our feelings have the power to get whisked away by our thoughts and get twisted and contorted into something that just may not be true. And my feelings are transient, good feelings, bad feelings, guilt, joy, fear, anger, lust, tiredness, grief, all of these feelings are transient..it is our thoughts that can make us cling to the feelings, and THATS where the illusion becomes real.

So I prefer to live from the glass half full, its just more nourishing to my soul.