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May is a deeper journey inwards this month, now I thought that was last months theme..but now we are going even deeper still.

A time for deep insights to bubble to the surface, really listen to what your inner self is whispering to you. Your intuition opens new gates to even deeper understanding, and you will be moving onto new experiences guided directly by the wisdom of your heart. Real magic is happening, you can accomplish heaps, but you must listen to your inner needs, and allow your creativity to work for you. Don’t be ruled by the external voices in the world that are hell bent on conditioning and society rules (which by the way need to be broken down and shed)

Remain true to yourself, take notice of the feelings of people around you…words can deceive but feelings cannot.

Opportunities this month to draw aside the veil that covers the gateway to inner vision. Step into the deeper connection that you have with the universe and all things, this deeper connection resides within all of us at a deep cellular level, and comes to us through feelings!

Trust your feelings